August 3 – OA Literature: Welcome Back & Members in Relapse

This member shares recovery from numerous relapses on the anniversary of her last binge in 1983. “Welcome Back” had special meaning for her as it was the first OA literature addressing recovery from relapse. “Members in Relapse” offers practical suggestions from relapse survivors on what helped them feel supported. Topics: relapse is not a failure; willpower is not enough; a food plan without Steps is a diet; getting past past black and white thinking and perfectionism; abstaining in spite of life challenges; one hour of abstinence a week at the meeting is a start; call even if bingeing; help from reading and writing.

July 6 – OA Literature: Sponsoring through the Twelve Steps

Working the Twelve Steps with a sponsor is an important key to recovery in Overeaters Anonymous. In this workshop, an insulin dependent diabetic shares how she got abstinent and stays in recovery using the Twelve Steps and the tool of Sponsorship. She lists many OA resources for sponsoring and talks in detail about using her favorite piece of OA sponsorship literature, Sponsoring Through the Twelve Steps. This and other OA literature are available at the OA Bookstore:

June 8 – Our Primary Purpose: How to Sponsor

“Uniquely useful” is how this member describes the opportunity to sponsor when she tells her OA story. After listing OA literature that discusses sponsoring, she tells what she learned from her long time sponsor about sponsorship. Topics include: what is sponsor is and is not; why sponsor; how to pick a sponsor; and how and when to become a sponsor. In addition she shares her perspective on commonly asked questions about temporary sponsorship, frequency of contact, the number of members to sponsor, when to decline sponsoring, how to treat a slip or relapse and other practical considerations of sponsoring.

June 1 – OA Literature: OA Members Come in All Sizes & Tools of Recovery

After sharing the basics of her story, this OA member weaves her experience, strength and hope into two OA pamphlets. The story, “It’s Only Fat between My Ears,” in the OA Members Come in All Sizes pamphlet prompts her to share about her gastric bypass and how it didn’t solve her problem. In her words: “They could rearrange whatever they want in my stomach, but the disease is in my head and that’s what the 12 Steps helped me with.” She also discusses how all the nine tools in Tools of Recovery help her live and work the 12 Steps. Her love of OA shines through in this workshop!

May 18 – Our Primary Purpose: Sponsorship – How to pick? Why have one?

In this workshop, we explore sponsorship. While telling her story, a member shares how her sponsor relationships have evolved. She discusses how, when and why she changed sponsors and the benefits of being both a sponsor and a sponsee. Together we can recover.

May 11 – OA Literature: A Common Solution: Diversity and Recovery

The common solution offered in the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous is the theme of this workshop. A member shares her story and intertwines how OA’s focus on diversity in recovery made it possible for her to recover. The pamphlet A Common Solution: Diversity and Recovery, which mentions four aspects of diversity (program, cultural, gender and life), focuses on how members found help and support in Overeaters Anonymous despite their differences. “Focus on what unites us; not our differences” captures the message of this workshop!

April 13 – Our Primary Purpose: Abstinence

Using the Abstinence PowerPoint Presentation as a framework, this Region Chair explains how she came to discover her plan of eating and behaviors that undermined her recovery. She discusses the statement…”We are either abstinent or we are not!” and explores the idea that a plan of eating is more than what you eat. Body image, Higher Power, sponsorship, service, meetings and action plan are examined. Lastly, she talks about the reason abstinence is so important to her. If you wish to view the Abstinence PowerPoint, go to

April 6—OA Literature: Person to Person

“Person to Person – Carrying the Message” is the topic for this OA literature workshop. A member maintaining a 200+ pound weight loss shares her journey in recovery and how the OA literature, Steps, Traditions, Tools and a sponsor guide her recovery. She discusses sponsoring, the difference between a suggestion and advice, and how her sponsor’s suggestion to pray and has helped her with the dilemmas of life. To unselfishly share our experience, strength, and hope is the message of the pamphlet “Person to Person: Carrying the Message, Our Special Gift.”

March 16—OA Literature: A Commitment to Abstinence & Maintaining a Healthy Weight

In this workshop, the speaker tells her story and talks about her personal commitment to abstinence one day at a time and the actions she takes to ward off the deadly disease of compulsive eating. The pamphlets “A Commitment to Abstinence” and Maintaining a Healthy Weight” are explored as she shares on the importance of enjoying the gifts of recovery and how continuing to work the 12-Step program of recovery has given her an alternative to using food to cope with life.

March 9 — Our Primary Purpose: Tools of Recovery

This workshop is focused on how using OA’s Tools of Recovery helps us achieve and maintain abstinence. Two members share about their eating history and how using the nine Tools of Overeaters Anonymous—Plan of Eating, Sponsorship, Meetings, Telephone, Writing, Literature, Action Plan, Anonymity and Service—has enriched and supported their recovery. They explore questions like: What does it mean to use the tools with intent? Do I demonstrate my priorities in the way I use the tools? and How do I use the tools to work my program of recovery?