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Rozanne S. Shares OA’s History

In memory of OA’s founder, Rozanne S., the WSO is offering three commemorative items. OA members can purchase each item separately, or obtain a discount by purchasing a package of items. To order: bookstore.oa.org or call 505-891-2664

Reflections: A Visit with OA’s Founder
Rozanne S. describes the birth of OA in this 45-minute interview.  For use only within OA by OA members, groups and service bodies. DVD #670 $10.00

And Now a Word from Our Founder . . . Five WSBC Speeches by Rozanne S.
Listen, learn and be inspired as Rozanne speaks to Conference delegates about OA’s Traditions, anonymity, principles before personalities and how OA members can impact the future of our Fellowship. Speeches are from 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2001.  CD #681 $10.00

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams
How did OA begin? When was abstinence introduced? Discover answers to these questions and more in this book of OA’s history. Softcover; 220 pages; indexed. #998/$13.50; Box of 25, #999/$303.75


Audiovisual Package:  DVD and CD, #682/$15.00 ($20 if purchased separately)

All Three Items DVD, CD and book, #683/$25.00 ($33.50 if purchased separately)


New Virtual Workshop Podcasts

In 2014 the Virtual Services Committee invited the Board of Trustees and the Region Chairs of Overeaters Anonymous to share insights on some of their favorite OA literature and on topics that made a difference in their recovery from compulsive eating. In the series OA Literature-The Heart and Soul of OA, you will hear how OA and its literature helped members move from the pain of the disease to the passion for recovery and carrying the message. In the series Our Primary Purpose, you will hear about the Disease of Mind, Body and Spirit; Plans of Eating, Tools, Abstinence, How to sponsor; the 12 Principles, 12 Steps, 12 Freedoms, Strong Meetings and Recovery from Relapse. Members share their experience strength and hope to bring the Twelve-Step program of Overeaters Anonymous to life.


Abstinence: PowerPoint Presentation

What is abstinence in Overeaters Anonymous? How can you use the tools of the program to achieve and maintain abstinence? As part of OA’s strategic plan, the Region Chairs Committee has created this Abstinence PowerPoint presentation to assist your group or service body in exploring the concept of abstinence.  As you prepare to present it, you may find the following literature helpful:

When opening this document, select Read Only. If you prefer a PDF of the presentation, click here.


Combine literature and writing tools with these companion books

– Voices of Recovery 

Daily reader contains inspirational quotes from OA literature along with experience, strength and hope written by OA members.  #986/$11;  #987 box of 25 $247.50.  Also available for Kindle and Nook e-readers.

– NEW! Voices of Recovery Workbook 

Companion workbook provides thought-provoking questions for each of the daily readings in Voices of Recovery; includes space on each page to answer questions. #996/$11; Also available as a downloadable PDF, $7.50

New Page: Resources for Treasurers

Group Treasurer Materials 

Find documents and links for group and service body treasurers including treasurer, budget, and fundraising guidelines and Seventh Tradition skits.


2013 OA Fellowship Inventory

Read the results from the 2013 OA Fellowship Inventory. This 60+ page full-length report contains an honest look at the state of our Fellowship; detailed responses containing the Fellowship’s opinions, thoughts, concerns, and needs; and charts and graphs to help analyze the responses and trends.