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In the Bookstore: Strong Abstinence Checklist and Writing Exercise Pocket Card

Put the Strong Abstinence Checklist and Writing Exercise in your pocket or purse and carry it with you wherever you go! Use this valuable new tool every day to help keep your abstinence strong and intact. Or use it as a the focus for meetings and workshops. Find it here in the online bookstore at bookstore.oa.org.


First meeting? Healthiest Meeting? Best Meeting? Share your story with Lifeline by April 15.

The August 2015 issue of Lifeline will focus on OA meetings and their role in recovery. Write Lifeline by April 15 to share your story on one of these topics:

  • My First OA Meeting. What finally got you to your first OA meeting? What do you remember most about your first OA meeting?
  • Strong, Healthy Meetings. What are the hallmarks of a strong, healthy meeting? What practices and principles can members encourage in their meetings to strengthen them?
  • Meeting Inspiration. Share your favorite meeting moments and best ideas for meetings full of fun, love, and recovery.

Submissions that are 500 words or less are preferred. Please email your submission to info@oa.org with Lifeline in the Subject field. For other instructions or to send your submission by mail, please see our writers guidelines.


Check out the renovated online bookstore!

OA has renovated the online bookstore at bookstore.oa.org and added many new features and benefits, including easier navigation and faster load times. Create your own account to keep track of orders and jump to the new Quick Order Form if you already know what you want to order. It all adds up to a simpler shopping process for service bodies, groups, and members.


A FREE Step Two podcast to download or stream

Tune in for free to a special, forty-seven-minute podcast on working Step Two, featuring OA Board of Trustees members and Region Chair speakers.

This Step Two podcast is a recording of a live Second Sunday Telephone Workshop. These workshops are held once a month. To join the next workshop live on March 8, please see the Datebook Calendar for dial-in instructions.

The monthly workshops and subsequent podcasts are part of a series for 2015 on working all Twelve Steps. A Step One podcast is also available.


2015 Professional Community Courier Now Available for Purchase or Download.

The Professional Community Courier, an annual publication, is OA’s main outreach tool to inform and attract professionals in health care, clergy, and military, who may refer patients or people in their care to Overeaters Anonymous. The new 2015 Courier features stories about:

  • Military veterans benefiting from OA
  • One physician’s story of coming to terms with food addiction
  • How OA complements professional care
  • And more

The 2105 Courier also highlights OA literature and other resources relevant to the professional community.

Professionally printed copies of 2015 Courier are now available for purchase at bookstore.oa.org and a PDF copy is now available as a free download from the “To Referring Professionals” Web page under Media/Professionals in the main menu at oa.org.


A Step Ahead First Quarter 2015 Available for Download

The First Quarter 2015 issue of A Step Ahead is now online. This issue covers:

  • Automatic Recurring Contributions
  • Free abstinence downloads
  • WSBC 2015 important dates
  • Treasurer’s update
  • Young Person’s Committee update
  • And much more!


2015 OA-Approved Literature Catalog and Order Form Now Online

The new, OA-Approved Literature Catalog and Order Form for 2015 are now available for download from bookstore.oa.org. The catalog and order form contain the most up-to-date inventory listing and prices for OA-Approved literature, coins, multimedia, and other items available for order through the OA Bookstore.


Free to Download: Abstinence and A Plan of Eating Workshop

What’s the difference between abstinence and a plan of eating? Use these new tools to conduct the Abstinence and Plan of Eating Workshop to educate OA members and help them apply the concepts of abstinence and a plan of eating to personal recovery. Workshop tools include:

Find the workshop tools under Group Support, Service Body Support, and Documents on oa.org.


Newsletter editors: See your new support page on oa.org.

Find OA guidelines, downloadable content, and more at www.oa.org/newsletter-editors/, a new support page for OA members giving service as editors of service body newsletters.

Professionally designed ads for Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition are now available in a variety of sizes and file formats for editors to download and use in newsletter layouts.

To find the new page via the oa.org menu, go to “Members/Groups” and look under “Service Body Support.”