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Free to Download: Abstinence and A Plan of Eating Workshop

What’s the difference between abstinence and a plan of eating? Use these new tools to conduct the Abstinence and Plan of Eating Workshop to educate OA members and help them apply the concepts of abstinence and a plan of eating to personal recovery. Workshop tools include:

Find the workshop tools under Group Support, Service Body Support, and Documents on oa.org.


Newsletter editors: See your new support page on oa.org.

Find OA guidelines, downloadable content, and more at www.oa.org/newsletter-editors/, a new support page for OA members giving service as editors of service body newsletters.

Professionally designed ads for Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition are now available in a variety of sizes and file formats for editors to download and use in newsletter layouts.

To find the new page via the oa.org menu, go to “Members/Groups” and look under “Service Body Support.”


Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition – The New Brown Book is Here!

Featuring forty never-before-published stories of recovery written by OA members from around the globe, the new Brown Book, Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition, is now available in print from the OA bookstore and in e-book format from popular retailers. The third edition also features classic OA texts, including “Keep Coming Back: Rozanne’s Story,” “Our Invitation to You,” and the appendices from previous additions. A new appendix, “The Role of a Plan of Eating in Recovery from Compulsive Eating,” written by a dietitian specializing in addictive and compulsive eating disorders is also included as well as a new foreword by an eating-disorder treatment professional.

Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition is available to order as a single copy, box of twenty-five, and, while supplies last, as a two-book bundle with Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition.


Now Online: Fourth-Quarter Issue of A Step Ahead

The fourth-quarter 2014 issue of A Step Ahead is now available.  This issue covers:

  • Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition
  • New Abstinence Literature Resource Guide
  • World Service Business Conference 2015
  • Translation Fund Applications
  • Recent Public Information Campaigns
  • And more!


NEW! Step One Public Information Poster

The new Step One public information poster is now available for download and printing. This full-color poster features an interactive area to enter local meeting information and tear-off tabs for oaquiz.org, which links to the Fifteen Questions online.

Many thanks to OA service bodies who pre-ordered 2,100 posters altogether. Preordered posters were printed on high-quality cardstock, included perforations for easy-tear tabs, and were mailed by OA World Service Office last week.


NEW! Abstinence Literature Resource Guide

The Abstinence Literature Resource Guide is a focused list of OA-approved literature that can help newcomers, sponsees and all other OA members to understand, obtain, and maintain abstinence. Use literature every day to support you in keeping your abstinence and share this list with your group.

The guide has also been added as a second page to the Strong Abstinence Checklist.


Revised and updated: Suggested Meeting Format and Suggested Telephone Meeting Format

The updated “Our Invitation to You,” abridged, is now available. This revision, approved by the OA Board of Trustees at the August 2014 meeting, draws from the new, unabridged version of “Our Invitation to You” found inOvereaters Anonymous, Third Edition, which was approved by the World Service Business Conference in May 2014. The new, abridged version now appears in the Suggested Meeting Format and the Suggested Telephone Meeting Format and reflects and honors the group conscience of OA.

The new meeting formats, noted with an August 2014 revision date, are available below for immediate download and use at your next meeting.

Suggested Meeting Format

Suggested Telephone Meeting Format


Find and register email loops on www.oa.org

At WSBC 2014, the delegates approved courtesy listings for email loops. To register your loop or learn more about the new WSBC policy, please click here or look in the “Meetings” drop-down menu. The new list of registered email loops will be updated and published monthly.