Daily Meditations

Humility means that we will no longer be shocked and horrified when we realize we have yet another defect.

The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous (p. 63)

Relapse is not contagious, but recovery is.

Twelfth-Step-Within Handbook (p. 5)

We walk together on this path of recovery. We follow the footprints in the sand of those who have walked before us, and we leave footprints for those yet to come.

Voices of Recovery (p. 105)

Every time I give service without counting the hours I give or looking for any reward, I am filled with freedom, friendship, joy, and abstinent recovery.

Voices of Recovery (p. 284)

Why is it necessary to attend OA? Surely part of that answer is in the word ‘Fellowship.’ In the OA Fellowship, face-to-face with others who have shared our suffering, we find the power we need to recover.

Voices of Recovery (p. 325)

A life well-lived requires that I continue to change, grow and clean up the wreckage of my past–and my present. If I do that, my life is better than I could have ever imagined.

Voices of Recovery (p. 68)

Every time I pick up the phone to call my sponsor or an OA friend, each time I take up my pen to write, I move myself along the path of freedom, awareness, acceptance, love, and recovery.

Voices of Recovery (P. 91)

I got here (desperate, eating compulsively) by doing things on my own. I stay here (abstaining) by fostering relationships with my Higher Power and OA members.

Voices of Recovery (p. 97)