Daily Meditations

Skin color, family structures and relationships, ages, occupations and manifestations of the disease are different, but we are all powerless over food.

Black OA Members Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope (p. 4)

I am usually the only person of color at the meetings I attend. I feel okay about that and feel accepted as just another person with a food addiction, struggling to be free.

Black OA Members Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope (p. 4)

Whether I have been abstinent 12 hours or 12 years, I never have it made. Today’s recovery is all I have.

For Today (p. 135)

For an honest, balanced view of myself, I take a few moments in which I free my mind of everything except God’s love for me.

For Today (p. 153)

God grant me the wisdom to understand my longings and the willingness to act in my own best interest.

For Today (p. 187)

When I am busy cultivating loving relationships, I can easily do without a surprising number of things.

For Today (p. 208)

The OA program, the people and God are all there for me, loving me fat or thin, abstinent or compulsively overeating. Can I do any less for myself?

For Today (p. 226)

Nothing that happened yesterday or that may happen tomorrow is more important than NOW.

For Today (p. 248)

Staying in the real world is far less painful than hiding in food and fat.

For Today (p. 26)

I don’t need to concern myself with other people’s faults; I have all the detective work I can handle to ferret out my own.

For Today (p. 300)