Daily Meditations

Family members thought it odd that my eating habits had changed. Some even signified about me being ‘too good’ to eat the food they had spent all day cooking. My only support came from our program and my Higher Power.

Black OA Members Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope (p. 7)

My sponsor said, ‘Act as if you believe, and some day the desire will become reality.’ Because I trusted my sponsor and wanted the kind of recovery I saw in her, I acted as if I had a loving God in my life. Eventually, in conjunction with my own spiritual awakening, the desire became reality.

Seeking the Spiritual Path (p. 20)

You don’t have to be perfect–just willing.

A Guide for Sponsors (p. 14)

The program is not meant to be worked alone, and many OA members attribute their progress to the fact that someone took a special interest in them.

A Guide for Sponsors (p. 2)

Each meal began with the Third-Step prayer. I became abstinent with God’s help.

A New Beginning (p. 101)

I may indeed be very busy, but I won’t have a life if I don’t put my program first.

A New Beginning (p. 14)

We’re not unlovable because we have this disease; love is the very thing we need in order to recover.

A New Beginning (p. 35)

Someone told me that we are babies in OA for five years. That’s a comfort and a reminder that growth will continue as long as I’m working the Steps.

A New Beginning (p. 51)

Don’t forget that when the heart is heavy and resistance is low, and the mind is troubled and confused, there is much comfort in a true and understanding friend standing by. You have that friend in Overeaters Anonymous.

Before You Take That First Compulsive Bite, Remember…

Today, I’d rather have a bad day in Overeaters Anonymous than a good day while overeating.

Black OA Members Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope (p. 3)